Sunny Beach resort – a favorite summer destination for millions of people!

Have you ever thought, what would it be if we live a life without exciting trips or incredible adventures from time to time? Honestly, I don’t even want to think about… And I don’t want to image what would it be if we had no chance to explore new places, foreign countries and beautiful destinations!

I thing that our world won’t be the same…

My favorite time to hit the road to some lovely destination is the summer season (for most people this time of the years is preferred for holidays too), because the sun is shining, the weather conditions allow you to do more interesting things, as well as to spend more time outside your hotel. This season is also perfect for round tours, or long holidays at some amazing summer resort! And taking into account, that till the beginning of most awaited season of the year remain only two months, it is not bad for you to get to know where are the best summer resorts and how to reach them!


One of my favorite holiday destinations that I visit every summer is the attractive Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria. It is the hottest point along the Black Sea coast due to its numerous attractions, plenty of modern night clubs, excellent hotels and very good restaurants! It is also ranked as the best summer resort for having fun and the most suitable place for practicing of different water sports.

Everybody who has been in Sunny Beach even once, wish to come back there as soon as possible. And he does it! Most of the holidaymakers know the resort as the place of unlimited possibilities, where everybody is free to do whatever he wants – literally, Sunny Beach never sleeps and 24-hours-a-day you can do something exciting and something that you have never imagined!

Surprises in Sunny Beach are everywhere. On every corner you will see nice shop, people who are inviting you to make some tattoo or to buy some beautiful painting, as well as many small kiosks that offer a variety of goodies! In Sunny Beach you will find many different goods to buy – from modern clothes, shoes and swimsuits, to designer sunglasses, watches and other accessories. The seasonal trade in Sunny Beach is highly developed and you will be amazed by the huge choice of merchandises! And surely you will come back home with big bag of purchases in your hand, because nobody can resist the temptations in the stores of Sunny Beach…

And speaking about temptations, we would like to pay attention to the lovely restaurants in Sunny Beach! Well, hardly there is another place in Bulgaria that to offer so many various establishments…

Being on a holiday in this wonderful resort, you will have the chance to enjoy a long list of tasty dishes, as well as amazing combinations of beverages (try the most famous Bulgarian, alcoholic aperitif called “rakia”)! And except the incredible meals you can try, you will be pleasantly surprised by both the low prices and the excellent service too.

Visit some of the traditional, Bulgarian restaurants in Sunny Beach where you will feel the spirit of this country and will have lots of fun while listening to the lovely folklore music available! And I can guarantee that once when you taste the incredible cuisine of this land, the chance to fall in love with it is huge!


In Sunny Beach, most people visit some of the amazing night clubs or discos after finishing their dinner. That is like a kind of tradition when you are on a holiday there – to experience the unforgettable emotions of the night life in Sunny Beach! If you miss to visit even once some of the night clubs in the resort, then your summer holiday won’t be so fulfilled than if you do it…

Trust me – the night life in Sunny Beach is so exiting that over the years the resort became a destination number one in Europe when it comes to entertainments and possibilities for having fun. And that is why so many young people decide to spend their summer vacations there – together with the numerous hot spots that can be found, the prices are extremely low and even the teenagers can afford to spend a one-week holiday there!

Laying aside the entertainments in Sunny Beach, I would like to turn your attention to the accommodation in this incredible summer resort… And here I would like to point out that except with its plenty of night clubs and restaurants, Sunny Beach is also popular with its wonderful hotels and great conditions for having really pleasant stay!

The most important thing for you to know about this wonderful destination is that it’s famous with the variety of budget-friendly travel deals and great discounts for early bookings… In other words, if you book your hotel room now, you will get very attractive price offer, that will be 15-20% less than the usual one (during the highest season). And due the huge interest that all holidaymakers take in Sunny Beach, most hotels are booked-solid even in early June! So, if you want to take the opportunity to get very good price deal, book your holiday now and won ‘t be disappointed!

Most hotels in Sunny Beach have 3-star or 4-star categorization, but there also are many luxuries accommodations, that offer a full range of extras and conceits! In case you can afford to stay in a 5-star hotel, the pleasure you will feel is just indescribable – rooms like a magazine cover, luxury spas, wide range of additional services and many others…

All families with children are welcome in Sunny Beach as well. Except for adults, in Sunny Beach there are many entertainments for kids too. Together with that, in almost every hotel there is a special place isolated where your kids will be able to entertain as much as they want! Children animation is available in the luxuries hotels and will give you to chance to take some time just for yourself!

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